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What Got Me Into the MasterChef Kitchen


So its our first cook in the kitchen. Open Pantry – make whatever you feel will impress us… no pressure guys!!! This was not my first choice dish, but I will post about that dish in the upcoming weeks. This is a dish I had not made since high school, where the best Home Economics Teacher in the world, Mrs Weerts, honed my cooking skills.


So I guess I owe it all to HER. :-)


Chicken roulade with roasted tomatoes and vegetables




Chicken roulade 
Chicken breast
1 garlic glove
100g spinach
20 g pepperdew

100g mixed baby corn, asparagus, snap peas
10g basil
1 garlic clove
20ml olive oil
Salt and pepper

Cheese Sauce
100g unsalted butter
100g flour
Salt and pepper for taste
250 ml milk (you might need more to thin out)
100-150g cheese of your choice

Tomato on the vine, sliced, roasted in olive oil and pepperdew juice
Salt and pepper
Whole garlic clove



Cheese Sauce 
Melt butter, add flour and cook
Add milk slowly and mix until the sauce comes together
Add cheese
Whisk till melted
Season to taste

Slice tomato (Benny personally delivered mine but I’m sure your local Woolies will have a great selection) in various shapes
Season with salt, pepper, olive oil and pepperdew juice
Toss in whole garlic cloves
Roast until cooked and brown
Blanch green vegetables and corn in boiling water
Submerge in an ice bath
Season greens in olive oil, salt and pepper
Roast until tender and crispy
Blend garlic, basil and olive oil
Dress green vegetables with basil dressing before serving

Chicken roulade
Butterfly your chicken breast
Take a rolling pin and wax paper and use the paper as protection for your breast
Season with garlic, salt and pepper
Add spinach and pepperdews – sliced
Add a tablespoon of sauce
Roll your breast and wrap cling rap around your roulade
Secure each end of the breast with an elastic band
Cook for 5-10 min in boiling water
Rest chicken
Heat oil, butter and brown chicken roulade
Slice at an angle

Use a small amount of sauce on the plate to secure roulade onto plate
Top and tail each breast – cut through middle at an angle
Serve with tomatoes and vegetables on either side
Add extra sauce if you wish.


I hope it tastes as yummy as mine did! :-) I’ll be posting both my cold audition and hot audition recipes. To view the other contestants’ Episode Two dishes visit the MasterChef SA website.




Written by claire allen

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